quality engineering

Software quality assurance tasks solving

Why does your application need testing?

In markets today the company that created the software product of exceptional quality and in the shortest time possible is awarded.

The rapidly developing software market today:

  • Every day new approaches, ideas, interfaces and algorithms are created
  • The software life cycle has become much shorter and continues to shrink
  • Only companies with competitive and absolute advantages survive in the market


Quality engineering is:

  • Comprehensive approach for software quality control
  • A wide range of software testing methods for vulnerabilities and productivity
  • The human factor influence minimization
  • Qualified specialists in narrow areas
  • Ready tools and checked solutions


Software quality engineering

Web-application testing
Работа с проектами любого уровня сложности и масштаба
Mobile-application testing
Native iOS и Android application
Performance testing
Application memory leaks and performance bottle necks serching

Testing automation
Testring process acceleration while improving its quality
The unique technology stack
The latest solutions and tools sinergy
Flexible, edicated, scalable team of engineers for your project

The unique technology stack:
reliable stable solutions, the latest technical innovations, own products and tools