What is automated software testing?

This is the process of verifying the correct operation of the software, which includes steps such as launching, executing, analyzing and issuing the result, automatically using specialized tools.

Web applications

Testing web applications of any scale.

Web applications of any scale: news sites, business systems, production visualizers, e-commerce solutions, and any other types web services. Our company works with ReactJS, Angular, MeterJS and other popular frameworks.

Mobile applications

iOS and Android applications testing. It supports testing of both native and web-based applications.

Testing is done with a ready-made application without using its source code.


API Entrypoints testing

REST API services proper work checking. Carried out by combining happy-path and edge-testing approaches.

Web Socket

Web Socket call testing

Testing WebSocket calls is inherently similar to testing APIs. WebSocket additionally allows you to make a series of calls (scripts) that can be tested.

What is test automation for?

Everyone knows what functional testing is needed for. Experienced qa-engineers can easily do this work in small amounts.

However, with a significant software increase, manual testing becomes extremely inefficient. In this case, you can not go without test automation.

Automation performs 3 main tasks:

  • Significantly speeds up the testing process
  • Eliminates human factors in software testing
  • Accelerates the software delivery process by speeding up the testing phase without losing the quality


Key advantages

In our work we use the latest solutions in conjunction with our own technologies

The Automation Framework

Our own platform using significantly speeds up writing autotests and minimizes the number of errors

Flexible integration

Ability to run tests through a graphical interface from various Test Management Tool, such as TestRail

Testing services

Cloud services creation and Selenium Grid for testing software products "in the cloud"

Analytics tools

Our own analytics of test results allows to recognize a specific defect and significantly reduce the time for analyzing the results

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