What is functional software testing?

The proper software product work is a priority task for developer. Otherwise, usability, speed and level of software protection do not play any role. According to this functional testing plays a crucial role in software testing.


Functional testing of sites and applications is carried out in a complex and includes several stages. It is implemented taking into account the requirements, features, singularities and nature of the software product.

creditcard Planning

This forms a set of functional and business requirements for the software product as well as creates a plan and defines the methodologies for its verification.

dev Data analysis

Technical requirements analysis, preparation of test cases and their coordination, calculation of testing execution time.

globe Test performing

Taking into account the data obtained, test scenarios are created. They identify and fix defects in the operation of the software product.

support Report compilation

Based on the testing results and their in-depth analysis, a report is generated with an indication of the existing errors, defects or failures and recommendations for their elimination.

Key advantages

Functional testing is a key type of software testing. It covers as much as possible the product usage options laid down in the requirements. It allows to quickly detect the main defects in the application and eliminate the appearance of problems in the future. This testing is recommended to perform a deep inspection and even if the visible problems in the work of the product do not exist in order to ensure its further correct operation.

Our company conducts testing of desktop, mobile and web applications based on their specifics and customer requirements.


Software Testing

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