Vulnerability testing

Evaluation of IT systems security, detection of software vulnerabilities

  • Minimizing the risk of loss, corruption, data theft
  • Unauthorized access prevention
  • Online transactions security check
  • Increased resistance to DDoS attacks
  • Penetration testing

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Penetration Testing

Evaluation of the possibility of obtaining unauthorized access to the information system

Vulnerability Detection and Analysis

Identification of the possibility of unauthorized receiving, changing and stealing data

Security assessment

Checking the system for the possibility of using SQL, XSS, CSRF injections

How do we do the testing?

Depending on the likes of our clients and software specifications security assessment is carried out by one of the following methods:

Black box method

Emulation of the actions of the offender without understanding the system:

  • Identification of possible ways to penetrate the system infrastructure.
  • Identification of possible methods for unauthorized receiving, changing or deleting system data.

Gray box methond

Emulation of the actions of the offender with a limited view of the system:

  • Crossite scripting.
  • Authorization bottlenecks detection.
  • Check on the possibility of introducing different types of injections (SQL, XSS, CSRF)

White box method

Emulation of the actions of the offender with a complete understanding of the system:

  • Source code analysis using manual and automated tests.

Safely testing

web apps
Web applications

  • Online services and horizontal portals
  • E-commerce resources, payment and billing systems
  • Online Learning Solutions
  • News and entertainment portals
  • Online games

mobile apps
Mobile applications

We provide comprehensive testing of the security of mobile solutions, including testing the operation of distributed components, the security of data transmission and synchronization, and much more.

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